Thursday, November 20, 2008

On Demand

Tonight I decided to leave Jillian in her box and I did Pilates instead. Reason, because I had a busy day at work, so busy in fact, that I barely drank enough water and I didn't eat lunch. I know, really bad habits if I am going to try and lose some weight, but by the time I had a few minutes to eat, it was 3:30 in the afternoon and I couldn't justify having lunch then.

I had misplaced my favorite Pilates DVD (we own a small house...every DVD we own is accounted for EXCEPT for the one that I want to watch at the moment!) and I was really bummed about it. The instructor is Ana Caban who I really liked...she made it fun...mostly by how she explained the exercises.

I've only just recently discovered the joys of On Demand. Actually, we've know about them for some time, we've used it to keep Leda happy when she wanted Little Bear and he just wasn't on any channel. But I hadn't really ventured further than Kids. I discovered how easy it was to order movies in May. That was cool! And I read somewhere that they also had exercise programs on there as well.

So last night, after my grueling workout with Jillian, I checked out On Demand. And found a whole BUNCH of exercise programs. If there is anything you want to do, it is probably on On Demand! And I found a Pilates program with Ana Caban! Totally different from my missing DVD, but there it was! And I thought, this would be great in the mornings!

Of course, I didn't get my butt out of bed this morning to do Pilates! And based on my busy day, I didn't think doing Jillian's workout would be a good idea. So, I did Pilates this evening.

Leda and Duff thought this was grand! Duff lay on one side of me watching every move I made and Leda was either sitting in her chair watching me and laughing or laying down next to me going, "Look Mommy, I can do that." At one point, Brock wanted to take a picture of her and me doing Rolling Like A Ball together! It was very cute. And no, he didn't take the picture because it would have been the last picture he would ever take! ;-)

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