Saturday, November 15, 2008

Movie Day

A few days ago, we decided today would be a good day for Leda's first trip to a real movie theater! It is supposed to be rainy and yucky (although really warm) so, perfect, right?

So about ten minutes before we leave to go grab some lunch and the movie - the sun is out.

Oh well, anyway, headed off for a nice little lunch/late breakfast and then headed off to the movie theater to catch Madagascar 2. Leda was very excited. We got there and headed first for the restrooms to make sure that the two large lemonades she had for lunch didn't interrupt the movie and then we headed over to the popcorn lady and got us some popcorn. With butter!

I have to say, movie theater popcorn is not what it used to be. The butter just doesn't match what butter used to be in the movie theater. It's a shame, really.

Anyway, off to the movie theater to catch us some seats...Actually Leda and Brock headed off to the theater while I was in line getting the popcorn, so they scored some good seats. We settled in and watched the previews...some good stuff coming out over the next couple of months!

Then, the movie started. It was a good movie. The penguins are hysterical! Leda sat in her seat for about 5 minutes, then spent all but about 15 minutes in my lap...those 15 minutes she spent in Brock's lap! She liked it. The theater was packed with kids...I haven't been to many kids movies lately, so it was a little surprising that there was so much up and down and moving around! But Leda handled herself pretty well!

At the end of the movie, as the credits were scrolling and the music was playing, it was fun to look around the theater and see all the kids dancing! That was cute!

So, first movie in a movie theater has been done and was a giant success! What fun it was!

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