Monday, November 17, 2008

I've Got Nothing!

Seriously. Can't think of anything to write. All interesting thoughts are avoiding my brain apparently. For like the entire month. (Yeah, I'm sure there are some of you thinking that they've been avoiding my brain for a lot longer than that!)

There is just nothing that is interesting me these days. Nothing. Nada. Zip. It's quite sad. At least, there's nothing interesting that I haven't already written about. Like the past. There's lots of that going on! But I've written enough of that.

I'm not giving up though. This might be a post about nothing, but at least it's a post! I mean, come on, Seinfeld was on for nine seasons of nothing. I can at least make it another 13 days. Hopefully they won't be 13 days of nothing. At least, for those of you who still come here, I hope for your case, it's not 13 days of nothing.

So, how about a cute picture? Yesterday the Durhams joined us for dinner and football/NASCAR. Leda and Paige 'read' a book. It was very cute!


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