Tuesday, November 25, 2008


This weekend we are heading off to Grandpa's house (Brock's parents) for Thanksgiving. Brock's brother Daniel and his wife Maggie will be in town from the west and we wanted to spend a few days with them while they are on the "right" coast! And I don't mean that politically!

The last time we had seen Aunt Maggie is a year and a half ago when she and Uncle Dan got married. That was the week I came down with pneumonia. I started coughing on Saturday and it has gradually gotten worse and it's the same type of cough I had that week! Oh Joy! I said to Brock this morning that I didn't want Maggie thinking that every time we see her I get sick! ;-)

So I am coughing my way through the days (and nights, oh even more joy!) and hoping that this thing will go away. And I am planning to make two pies on Thursday morning! Nothing like a little extra pressure piled on!

Leda and I are going to watch Snoopy tonight! Leda has been bugging me for a few weeks now that she wanted to see Snoopy again. So on Sunday night I told her that we'd be watching Snoopy on Tuesday night. This caused a ton of heartache around here on Sunday night. Leda's not so good on her days yet...she thought I meant that on Sunday we'd watch Snoopy and it's been just crazy around here ever since! When I told her this morning that it was Tuesday, she just beamed!

So we'll cuddle all nice and warm together and watch Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving. I can't wait!

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