Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Blue Guy Did It.

Tonight at dinner, we saw a report about some investigative work that is being done about how (or who, or from where) Kennedy (JFK) was assassinated. The report indicated that through some testing, the investigators have determined that the damage done to Kennedy was most likely created by a shot from the 6th floor of the Book Depository. (I can't find a link to the was on the NBC Nightly News.)

It was an interesting story and Brock and I were having a discussion about it and I used the name Lee Harvey Oswald by just saying "Oswald". And as we were talking about it, Leda says, "Mommy, why are you talking about the Blue Guy?"

And Brock and I said, "What? What Blue Guy?"

And then it hit me. Leda heard me say "Oswald" and immediately thought I was talking about this guy. Oswald to Leda is a big blue octopus who hangs out with a wiener dog named "Weenie."

Wait until Arlen Specter and the conspiracy theorists get wind of this!

Amazing the things that kids growing up today will grow up without!

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