Saturday, November 22, 2008

Ahead of the Game...

I am. I am so far ahead of the game, I'm practically planning for Christmas 2009.

Well, okay, I'm not that good! But I went shopping today for Christmas Cards and I think I have half of Leda's stocking purchased! And then some! I'm so proud of myself.

And I didn't forget the Christmas Cards. In fact, I've already purchased a certain person's birthday cards (and she should remember this for when she gets the cards the first week of January (two weeks AFTER said birthday) because I purchased them A MONTH A HEAD OF TIME and will forget where I put them. Seriously!)

Oh, and yes, I shopped at Target! Well, and A.C. Moore. I promised Leda some crafts that she and I would do this weekend. Mostly it's me doing the crafts, because there is glue involved. But she helped. And we planted a spruce tree and some alyssum flowers ("carpet of snow") - we planted the seeds in small little pots and we'll watch them grow over the next couple of weeks. And if they do grow, we'll re-pot them and Leda can take care of them. It will give her a project for the winter!

Anyway, I went shopping at Target. Le Target! Why do I shop there and not Walmart or any mom-pop stores? Well, first, I love Target. LOVE Target. I'm addicted to Target. Don't know why, I just do. I'm not a big fan of KMart...I will shop there in a pinch, but I'm just not a big fan...I think Target's stuff is better quality and for around the same price, most of the time. The kids clothes are good quality and cheap!

I do shop the smaller stores, it just depends on what I am looking for and what I will pay. My favorite little shop downtown is Charmed Spirit. I've made friends with the owner and I do like shopping there. However, it is very specialty...upscale gifts and Trollbeads (thus the reason I shop there!) I love Earthmart, an 'organic' shop downtown, and I have purchased from there, but the prices are a bit expensive, so it's a treat to shop there, rather than a way of life. I love our Cheese shop downtown, but again, a treat to shop there....special occasions.

I don't like Walmart. I don't know why, I just don't. That's not to say I haven't purchased from Walmart, I have. But if I have a choice, I'd shop at Target.

I'm not a huge shopper. I only really shop when I need to or when there is something I want. I don't like going to malls or to even Target during the holiday season (I don't do malls anytime unless there is something specific I really need or want...I worked at malls for years and have had my fill of malls! I make it to the mall maybe once or twice a year) because I can't stand holiday shoppers. (Another thing I got from working for years in retail!)

So, where do you like to shop? Why? And who is ready for the Holiday season?

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