Monday, October 6, 2008

A Weekend Back in Time

This past weekend, Brock and Leda indulged me and we spent a few hours back at my old stomping grounds, my alma mater, York College.

It was the annual alumni weekend...reunions for specific years (not my year this year) and the Radio Station reunion...thus the reason we went, the Radio Station.

My first year of college, I was a nursing student. Well, actually, I was an undeclared with an interest in Nursing. I was housed in the Nursing dorm, which happened to be over at the local hospital, not on campus. Granted, I was only a 20 minute walk from the campus, but I was a whole 20 minute walk from the campus!

That first semester was tough. It was my first time really on my own. There was no one to tell me what to do or how to do it. I had fun. But I also realized that semester that Nursing was not what I wanted to do (thank goodness I realized that quickly!!) The second semester, I did something that was a bit out of character for me, I walked my butt down to campus and up to the college radio station (WVYC) and asked if there was anything I could do to be a part of the station. And I did this without knowing a soul at the station. I picked the radio station for a few reasons, I was not a sorority girl and I hadn't even attempted to pledge, so I had to find something I was interested in. I was interested in music, so radio sounded like a good fit!

I got involved with the underwriting department - which consisted of one guy! Underwriting was a non-profit way of raising advertising dollars. We would go out and ask local merchants to 'sponsor' our radio station and in turn we would give them some time on the radio. And that's what I did for the next few years. I actually became Asst. General Manager for my last year at York.

I loved WVYC. It was where I spent a lot of my time on campus at! And I was proud of what I did there. So it was fun to go back and see a few people I hadn't seen since the late 80s/early 90s!



We had a nice visit with old friends. Toured the radio station, which hasn't changed much except for two things...the type of equipment (there are A LOT more knobs and a lot of it is computerized now...I used to record to cassette and CART!) and the library is most all CDs now (we had maybe 50-100 CDs when I was at the was pretty much ALL ALBUMS when I was there! That would be VINYL ALBUMS and if you are too young to know what they are, click the link and do the research!) Oh, and one more used to be 88.1 on the FM dial when I was at it's 99.7!!

There was also a Fall Fest going on, so there were moon bounces and other games for the kids and all the college clubs and fraternities and sororities had tables. And, wow...York has changed a lot since I was there. There are a lot more academic departments than there used to be! So we were walking around and we see some race cars. RACE CARS! At York! They have a Mechanical Engineering department and one of the student projects is building and racing a race car. Dude, they didn't have anything like that when I went to York! I could have had a totally different career! ;-)

York College Racing!

So Brock had some fun talking with the students who built the car while Leda had some fun getting in them and playing with the steering wheel! The one guy commented that they don't usually get girls who want to climb in the cars! Obviously hadn't met our child yet!

It was a fun couple of hours. We walked around a few of the buildings, visiting old class rooms and thinking back to when I used to sit in those desks!! Found the hallway where my advisor's office used to be and showed Leda where I spent a lot of time when I was in college! Spent a little money in the bookstore. It was fun.

The Rock!

Leda and Mommy

I think I'd like to go back again soon. It was nice to see a few people I knew. It would be nice to go back and see some more people I graduated with. Maybe even a professor or two!

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