Monday, October 20, 2008

Straight for the Pumpkin Pie!

We had a really busy weekend! On Saturday, we finished cleaning the house and headed on out to meet the Durhams and Karen and Sydney for a trip to Linvilla for a hayride and maybe a pumpkin or two!

The day was beautiful, albeit a little chilly! So we dressed accordingly. We got to Linvilla and headed first for the lunch lines...luckily this year, we got there a little earlier than last and it didn't take too long to get some lunch. A good thing when you have 3 hungry pre-schoolers. So we had a little lunch and headed over for a hayride.

It was a nice little hayride though the woods and through the orchards. We saw pears and peaches (well, peach trees!) and pumpkin patches and squash and tomatoes and peppers and of course, apple trees (and TONS of apples!). The girls enjoyed the hayride, even sitting at the front, right behind the tractor where the dust flew up in our faces! Oh joy!

After the hayride, we headed over to the playground and the girls ran around and tried every piece of equipment they could! They climbed and slid down slides and down poles and 'drove' trucks and saw turkeys and chickens. They had everything but swings, which Leda pointed out to me about a billion times!

We got them all to sit still for a few seconds so we could get a group picture!

Leda, Sydney and Paige, Linvilla 08

After we finally dragged the kids off the playground, we all headed for home. First, I stopped at the farm market and purchased two pies for dinner - one apple that had just come out of the oven and one pumpkin, in lieu of the pumpkin we DIDN'T purchase! We'll get pumpkins closer to home this coming weekend.

Home we headed were I started to prep for dinner. We had the Durhams, Karen and Sydney, Chris, the Shiers and the Gabbs all join us for dinner on Saturday night. The adults had a nice sit down dinner and then we had the pies purchased earlier that day at Linvilla. And it was a good thing I bought two pies! The pumpkin pie went first...just about everyone went straight for the pumpkin pie! We had a little sliver of apple left over! And everyone had a slice! It was YUMMMM! good!

Sunday was a slower day, but since I didn't sleep well the night before, I dragged all day. I had to work a bit in the morning and then Leda and I headed out shopping. We met Aunt Karen for a little troll bead shopping and then we headed off to Target to shop for Leda's Halloween outfit.

Leda had announced several weeks ago, actually, two months ago, that she wanted to be a fairy for Halloween. A week later, she said she wanted to be a pirate. So I decided then we would wait for as long as we could to get her outfit! A week later, she was back to wanting to be a fairy and added that it was a BLUE fairy she wanted to be.

So we headed to Target to hopefully (with fingers crossed) find a blue fairy outfit, or something we could pretend was a blue fairy outfit. Leda saw the Cinderella outfit and wanted to be Cinderella! Then she wanted to be the Little Mermaid. I pointed out the Tinkerbell outfits (okay, they weren't blue, but they were a fairy! A famous fairy at that!) but she decided that she definitely wanted to be the Little Mermaid. "Besides, Mommy," she says to me, "they don't have any blue fairy outfits. So I'll just be the Little Mermaid this year." Well, okay. At least she was very grown up about it and there was no fussing. Awesome!

Of course, there is still two weeks before Halloween. I am sure that gives her plenty of time to change her mind!!

It was a good weekend. Busy and fun. We are looking forward to heading over to Aunt Rachel's this Saturday for the Halloween Parade in Alloway! The first of many wearings of the Halloween costume!

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