Monday, October 27, 2008


Watch this...I haven't even started the post and I am already going to go on a tangent (hey, it's what I'm known for)...

I wanted to use the word "reminiscing" for this post because, well, that's what this post is about! But I needed to look it up to make sure I was spelling it correctly. And that just got me going on a whole other tangent (see – I told you I was known for going on tangents!)...because what should pop up in the Google #2 in the Google results (really, you go try it!) is the video of the song "Reminiscing" by the Little River Band. Well, I just HAD to click the link and I was thrown back 30 years in like 2.5 beats of the music!

So now, my iTunes account is $4.95 lighter and I'm rocking out to the Little River Band! Why, you ask, would the song "Reminiscing" cost $4.95? Well, I would answer, because I got reacquainted with "The Lonesome Loser" and "Lady". Oh and do you remember "The Night Owls?" And, I had to have "Cool Change." Oh, I thought of buying the whole album, and I might still! This will get me started.

Okay, back to the post...

The past several days have found me thinking about the early 80s when I was in high school and the early 90s when I was just out of college. Facebook is the culprit for most of it. It turns out a lot of people I went to high school with are on Facebook and I've been catching up with them! One went so far as to post the class picture from seventh grade on the internets. ON THE INTERNETS people! Are we nuts???

Well, since I hadn't thought to include my maiden name in my Facebook profile, and I hadn't done a whole lot of searching for people I knew on Facebook yet, I guess people who come across my name in a search for people from my high school don’t recognize me by my married name. Until the previously mentioned photo was posted with my name attached to my picture. (And let me tell you, it's not flattering - the picture, that is! There is a very bad attempt at what I can only guess is Farrah Fawcett hair and then there’s the overalls I am wearing. Ewwww! (Oh, didn’t ya know, I was a fashion plate back then!))

I've had a few people I haven't heard from since, well, high school, friend me in the past couple of days. And there's been conversations with friends from long ago about people we used to hang out with and then there is the searching through yearbooks and scrapbooks to remember what people looked like. Oh, and that just gets you thinking about band trips and football games and dances and all kinds of things that make you cringe at first, but then you remember them fondly! (Probably because you find out there isn't any photographic evidence!)

And with all this remembering, I decided to look up a few friends my College years on facebook and found one who I got in touch with. And that brought out another I hadn't spoke with in several years. And it goes on and on. I’m kinda digging this Facebook phenomena.

On Saturday night, we headed over to South Jersey to spend the evening at Aunt Rachel’s for the annual Alloway Halloween Parade. The Parade got rained out but Rachel and her friends Sue and Jackie and I sat around and talked about all the trouble they used to get into together (I tagged along there for a while back in the early 90s!) Oh, more cringing…I mean it’s one thing to discuss the stupid and crazy things you did quietly through email with friends, but to discuss it out loud in front of your husband is so a different story!

And with the Phillies on the verge of…well, let’s just talk about that after it happens because I don’t want to be accused of jinxing anything. So let’s just say that around these parts there’s a lot of thinking back to 1980!

So, you see, it has been several days of reminiscing. And I'm finding that to be exhausting! But lots of fun. And frustrating, because I realize I don't remember half of what I did way back when! (Which, in some ways, is not so bad! hehe) I’m finding it to be cathartic in a way. I haven’t quite begun to look for pictures that have been put away – I did find a few scrapbooks that have pictures from way back when. I might be posting some here and there. Don’t worry, won’t be posting pictures of others without permission! I am not going to risk another picture of me dressed up funny with a horrible attempt at a popular hairstyle making it to the internets again! Unless I post it myself!

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