Thursday, October 2, 2008


I saw this on another site and had to post it. This video is just so funny...

The other dogs at the end are hysterical...Dude, let us out!

Yesterday afternoon/evening was very trying. The kid, she was just in rare form, being a little brat. Brock had asked her to go let the dog out while he was cooking and she told him "No, I don't want to." He asked her again and she replied that she was learning to read (I got her a 'learn to read' activity book that we work with her on) and she couldn't do it. Well, obviously this didn't go over well and there was yelling and crying and time outs and oh, it was just horrible.

She was just so stubborn - I tried to discuss with her the reason she was in trouble but she wasn't having any of it so she had to sit in time out until she apologized to her father and discussed the problem with me. So there was much yelling and screaming and crying (from the kid, I tried my best and I think I only yelled once or twice) just before dinner last night. Oh, I'd say it lasted the better part of a half hour or so.

We had a quiet and calm dinner, but she started back up afterwards, not so bad, she did help clean up the living room and her bed room, but there were many threats of losing privileges to get her to move her butt along. The kid, she's lost her bad thing she does, she starts to lose toys. At least, that's what I decreed last night. She's been pretty good since.

Fall has arrived. I'm starting to be able to see my neighbor's house out my office window now that the trees are starting to lose their leaves. And it's getting cooler. I actually had to close the windows this morning...brrrr! We'll be doing some fun stuff this month - going to my college for reunion weekend, down the beach for a weekend, off to the orchard for pumpkins and hayrides. It will be a fun month!

I love the fall season. It takes me a couple of days or so to get used to the chillier weather, but the season is just beautiful.

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