Thursday, October 16, 2008

Leda is Screaming out Body Parts

It's bedtime at the Yates household and it's Daddy's turn to read books. And all I hear is Leda screaming the names of body parts at the top of her lungs. Ah, I think to myself, I know exactly which book Brock is reading...Ain't Gonna Paint No More !

Ain't Gonna Paint No More is our favorite book. Leda got it for her birthday. She loves it. We love reading it. It's a very cute and fun book! It's got a rhythmic chant to it, and I think it might end up being the first book reads on her own!

And it's so exciting to hear her scream with glee the body part that is mentioned at the end of each phrase! Oh, and the giggling!

For example...

"So I take some red and I paint my...(and on the next page is the body part, but Leda yells it out before we turn the page) HEAD!" (giggle!!)

Seriously, try not to laugh out loud when you read this book with Leda!

Just one of those things I look forward to once or twice a week when the book gets put into rotation!

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