Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Indian Summer at the Beach

We spent the past weekend at the seashore. It was a beautiful weekend! We totally lucked out. The weekend had been planned for a couple of months now, we offered to close up the beach house for the Durhams way back in July. We just hadn't picked the weekend until the beginning of September. You never know what you are gonna get!

The Beach

Well, we got shorts weather. Shorts and sweatshirts that could be removed when the sun got you all warmed up. The mornings and evenings were cool but the days were just plain nice! We headed down right after work on Friday night and stopped for dinner on the way. We got to the shore house around 9 pm and hung out for awhile, aired out the place and got Leda into bed by 10 or 11!

Figured we'd all sleep in on Saturday! Me, sleep in at the beach? Yeah, not often heard of, but I was tired so I was looking forward to sleeping until 8, MAYBE even 9 am. Apparently, the kid, she takes after me...up at 6:30 AM down at the beach!

We spent a leisurely morning, got ourselves showered and dressed and headed down to Stone Harbor around 10am for the Art and Music festival. We walked along the shopping district, checking out the stores (most all were open and having sales!) and checked out the art for sale. I was wearing my new York College sweatshirt, purchased the previous weekend (!!) and was a little freaked out to be stopped by not one York College alumni, not TWO York College alumni, but FOUR(!!) York College alumni...all within a few stores of one another!! It was a little bizarre! Very interesting to run into so many YCP alumni!


We made a few purchases (books and a coloring book for Leda) and headed back to Avalon to the Seafood festival! Turns out, we picked a great weekend for events as well as weather! We walked through the booths and looked at all the fun stuff for sale and Leda and I bought some bracelets. Then we had some seafood for lunch...Leda and Brock shared some fried shrimp (and hot dogs) and I had an awesome crab cake sandwich! And all steps from the beach! Awesome!

We headed back to the house for naps. We spent a lazy afternoon napping and after naps, we took a walk down to the beach. Leda was practically soaking wet within 5 seconds of hitting the beach! The water was actually WARMER this past weekend than it was when we were there in early July. The water in July was about 58 degrees (due to a southeastern wind blowing the warmer water out to sea) and this weekend the water was about 66 degrees! It definitely felt warmer!


After our walk down the beach, we took Duff for a walk to the bay. Dogs aren't allowed on the beach in Avalon and we were a bit nervous about breaking a law we had already broke several times before on prior trips! On our walk on the beach, we noticed many dogs romping around, but we decided that we'd take Duff for a walk to the bay and then we needed to get ready for dinner.

Late afternoon on the bay

We had a really nice dinner at the Winddrift. Leda was so well behaved! We had a lovely dinner and walked out to the beach afterward to watch some kids playing football. Before dinner we had seen some kids on the soccer field playing football (American) and Leda announced she wanted to play soccer when she grew up!

After dinner, we headed home and just hung out. Leda went to bed and Brock and I watched a movie, a little news and headed off to bed ourselves. Sunday was another early morning, but this Sunday down the shore was without Kohlers doughnuts as they closed for the season last month! boo!


Sunday was clean up and close up day. Intermixed with a little roaming around town and walking on the beach. We took Duff out on the beach in the morning and we all had a great time. Leda was again, soaked in no time at all! Duff was a little apprehensive about being on the beach, we expect he's starting to show his age a bit.



We headed downtown so I could purchase a new sweatshirt and some sunglasses and then we took a drive down (actually, up!) to the north end of town. We walked out on the jetty at the end of Avalon, where the ocean meets the bay. We saw some fish in a tidal pool. We looked for the bald eagle that the fishermen say had landed on the jetty the day before (we didn't see him)! And, of course, I complained that I didn't have my darn camera!

Back to the house for some lunch and then the real work began. We checked off all the things on our list and packed up the car and headed for home around 2PM. We were VERY sad to leave the beach. With any luck, we'll be heading back next summer!

See some more pictures here!

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