Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Belly Buttons

Tonight, while Leda takes a bath and I clean the rest of the bathroom (multi-tasking!):

Leda: Why do we have belly buttons?
Me: Because that's where you were attached to Mommy when you lived in my belly.
Leda: That was when I was really, really little and couldn't talk.
Me: That's right. And then you were born. That's why your birthday is so special.
Leda: And then I had a birthday party! A BIG birthday party!
Me: That's right!
Leda: Then I got bigger.

That was the basic gist of the conversation. It was probably one of the cutest conversations I've had with her lately!

Thank god she didn't ask how she got into Mommy's belly in the first place. SO not ready for that conversation!

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