Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weekend fun...

It's a girl's weekend...Daddy is off working for the weekend and Leda and I are left here to fend for ourselves. I think we are doing a pretty darn good job of it!

I still don't understand the mind of a toddler...will sleep late during the week but just about never fails to wake up in the 6 o'clock hour (that would be closer to the 6 in the AM!) on the weekends. Both days. What is up with that?

Granted, I have work to do this morning...better to do it earlier than later, since we have a big day ahead! But still!

Anyway, yesterday was a fun day. Leda and I got ourselves dressed and ready for the day fairly early. As we were getting dressed, I had the local news on and they were doing a piece on all the Friday Night high school football games and Leda started cheering..."Go Eagles! Go Eagles!" I had to explain to her that yelling Go Eagles was a very good thing, but only when the Eagles were playing. I tried to explain to her that there are other football teams. That we can cheer on other teams, but they had other names. She seemed to get it, of course, she did ask what the teams names I know! Anyway, she yelled, "Go!Go!Go! Get a Touchdown!" a few times at the TV. And I mean YELLED! Oh, yeah, she's so a Cunningham!

We got on with our day. We headed down to the county campaign headquarters for our candidate for a little volunteer time...made a few phone calls while Leda played in the kids corner. She was such a good little girl. Everyone was very impressed with her. She really did behave extraordinarily well. For about an hour and a half. The last half hour we were there she was just good...she got pretty comfortable there, so she was doing a bit more running around and shouting! So, it was time to go. But not until we tried to clean them out of buttons and balloons!

We headed home, took naps and then headed down to Wilmington to have dinner with Daddy where he was staying for work. We hadn't done this before, but did it this time because an old family friend was working with Daddy, Stan Peters, and Stan had asked that we come down and have dinner with them. It was nice to see Stan, who I have known since I was a kid. We had a great dinner. Leda was fairly well behaved, except for the fact that there was a chocolate cookie and chocolate milk involved, so she was on full speed!

Today, I am hopefully working a little this morning then we are going to head off to join Aunt Jennifer and Paige at the barn to see the parade of carriages! Then Daddy will be home early this afternoon and then we are off to Danny's 4th birthday party! WooHoo! More sugar! WooHoo!

It promises to be a hot day today! I hope it's just as fun!

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