Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Official End of Summer

For the Official End of Summer, we headed north to the Thousand Islands for the weekend. Unfortunately for us, we only had the extra holiday day this time around...usually we spend several extra days around the weekend in the Islands around Labor Day, but we really didn't have any vacation time left to use. So only two full days to rest and relax.

Brock's brother Dan was in from Portland. His wife, Maggie, was spending the weekend with her family in Syracuse and Uncle Dan came up to spend some time with Grandpa and Nana Pam. And, since we hadn't seen him since his wedding in Portland last summer, we headed on up to spend a little time with him. We were really bummed that we missed Aunt Maggie, but hopefully we will see her soon!

It really was a relaxing weekend, with beautiful weather. We drove up on Friday night after work. It was a little rainy on the way up and it rained over night, but Saturday was a beautiful day. Not really hot, but sunny and warm and just wonderful. We headed over to the Antique Boat Museum in Clayton with Uncle Dan and Grandpa. Leda loves the boats! There's one or two that she gets to walk around in! And we hit the new speed boat exhibit, where they had some fun stuff for kids to do and ride in!

After a little nap in the late afternoon, we went out to dinner on Wellesley Island and some good conversation after Leda went to bed on Saturday evening. On Sunday, we were up early, hung out watching the boats drift by and then we headed down to Clayton for a little late breakfast, early lunch. We walked around town and hit a few of the shops for a little looksy. Back to the house and an afternoon nap. We had a little barbecue for dinner and again a little conversation in the evening.

Monday morning I woke up really early to the sound of the large ships horns up and down the river. I realized it was about 5 in the morning, and as the sun started to rise, realized that a thick fog had rolled in, thus the reason for all the boat noise! The river looked neat so I headed out at 5:30 to take some early morning fog shots...

Early morning fog

The fog didn't burn off until 9 am or so, but when it did, the day was perfect. We hung out for a little while and then we needed to pack and we were on the road by noon. But not until after a few shots with Grandpa, Nana and Uncle Dan!

Grandpa, Leda and Nana Pam

Leda and Uncle Dan

So bummed to leave the Thousand Islands so soon. We really love going there, it's just so relaxing and fun. One of the most beautiful places I've ever been. Hopefully next year we can stay longer as we usually do.

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