Thursday, September 11, 2008

Milestone: First Day of Nursery School

Well, we made it! Today was Leda's first day of Nursery School! It went pretty well, minus a bump or two!

First, Leda had to model her Going To School Outfit and Backpack...

...the front...
Ready for First Day of School!

...and the back...
Ready for First Day of School!

Then, we were properly prepared to leave for school!

Ready for First Day of School!

I went along this morning...Brock actually stayed in the car and I walked Leda up to her classroom. We got to our classroom and placed our backpack in the area outside the room and Leda kinda got a look on her face, like, what's going on here??

I'm staying here???

So we headed into the room and Leda kinda looked around while I was waiting to sign her in and then she headed to the other side of the room to play with the toys. I signed her in and around that time, she came back and looked at me and said, grabbing onto my hand, "Mommy, I want you to stay with me." Okay, yeah, heart broke!

I told her that Daddy would pick her up and before I could even finish telling her this, she just burst out in tears. Were there other kids in the room crying? Nope. Only my kid! I was fully prepared for it, but it still tore me apart. I tried to explain to her that she would have lots of fun and that Daddy would pick her up and she wouldn't even notice we were gone. The teachers were very helpful. She clung and cried for awhile (about two minutes, but felt like a lifetime) and finally I got her over to the toys, grabbed one she was interested in on Tuesday and walked her over to Mrs. Miles and she asked Leda to sit on her lap and draw with her at the table. Leda did so, even though she was still crying, but it was getting a bit better.

I quickly kissed her on the head and made a hasty retreat before she could figure out I left. I paused at the end of the hall to see if she had quieted down and she had.

Brock picked her up 2 and a half hours later and she was just so excited. She had fun...She played and had a snack and liked her teachers. She can't wait to go back on Tuesday! And the report from the teachers was that she was very helpful...was the first one to do anything they told the class to do! That's our girl!

What a milestone! I'm so excited, yet sad my little girl is growing up!

And tonight, we are leaving her home with a baby sitter and Daddy and I are off to have dinner at one of our favorite restaurants (Plush) and will be seeing Los Lonely Boys tonight at the Keswick. I'm looking forward to it.

This day of remembrance has been a great day. We have made some good memories for 9/11. It feels good to know that in subsequent years, we will have some good memories to help with the not so good.

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