Monday, September 29, 2008


It doesn't take much to get me a kiss from Leda. All I have to do is point at my lips and she will come over and give me a kiss. And there are times I don't even have to ask, like in the morning, after she will climb into bed with me. She will put her arms around me and give a kiss right on the lips.

It's her way of telling us she loves us. She very rarely will tell us she loves us, except for repeating after we say it to her. But the kissing, it really tells us how much she loves us.

In the past couple of weeks, the kissing has changed a bit...She grabs the sides of my head and pulls me in for a kiss that lasts for several seconds. It's almost a passionate like kiss. Like a lover's kiss, without the open mouth (thank goodness!)

Once, after the second or third time she kissed me like that, I asked her what that was for, and she told me, "that's how Ariel kisses Prince Eric, like this," and she does it again, with emphasis! What the heck are those Disney movies teaching my kid????

So, if Leda pulls you in for a 'passionate' kiss, blame it on The Little Mermaid!

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