Monday, September 15, 2008

Horses and Carriages and Birthday Parties!

Yesterday was a BUSY day! We were up at the crack of dawn, I had some work to get started and Leda had to make sure I was up and about early enough!

Actually, it was a good allowed us to spend the rest of the day with a very busy schedule. After I got my work started and Leda got some breakfast and we both got dressed (there was even a shower in there for me!) we headed on out to meet Aunt Jennifer and Aunt Karen and Paige and Sydney at the Durhams for our morning at the barn! First, we stopped at WaWa for some coffee for me and water for Leda and what did we see but LOTS of MINIs preparing to go out on a little rally around Chester County! There must have been about 50 MINIs ready to go...all sorts - Coopers, Copper Ss, Convertibles, Clubmans! It was awesome. Turns out it was the PhillyMini club - a forum I had been a part of ages ago when I first got the MINI! It looked like a lot of fun and Leda and I think we should join back up with the group and start going on some of these runs with other MINIs!

Off to the Durhams we went and we then headed over to the barn to feed the horses and see the Carriages come in to prep for their run down to Radnor Hunt for the Concours d'elegance. We got there a little early so we could feed the horses and hang out before the carriages arrived. Leda LOVED the baby (she's about 6 months now) and LOVED feeding Aunt Jennifer's horse Hero! I think there is a horse or at least riding lessons in our future!!

Leda and the baby
Leda and the baby

Leda feeds Hero
Leda feeds Hero

And right around 11AM, we heard the horns announce the arrival of the carriages. There were about 10 or 11, mostly the open day carriages. But they were all dressed in period clothes (which had to be HOT as it was a REALLY hot (90+ degrees) and humid day!

The carriages were beautiful the horses were gorgeous. I wish my pictures came out better, I tend to focus on the horses rather than the whole package (horses and carriages!) I've got some video I'll post later this week. That turned out pretty well, with horn and all!


After the carriages headed on to Radnor, Leda and I headed home to check on my work and change into bathing suits, then back to the Durhams for a little dip in the pool and some lunch. Daddy met us over there and then we headed home for a quick nap before we headed out for Danny's 4th birthday where we had an awesome time (and awesome cake!!)

It was a really busy day yesterday. I'm exhausted! Hopefully I can stay awake enough to watch most if not all (yeah, right) of the Eagles/Cowgirls game. We'll see how long I can hang. I hate Monday night games...they don't end til way past my bedtime!

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