Tuesday, September 9, 2008

First Day of School Looms...and other thoughts

Leda had her orientation this morning at her nursery school, where she got to meet her teachers and the kids in her class! She really liked it. The YMCA, which is right around the corner from our house, runs a nursery school. They used to run it out of the church which is right around the OTHER corner from our house (the church that married Brock and I). This year, they moved back to the Y. It was a bit of a re-acquaintance for Brock and I since we have been members of the Y for YEARS but have hardly stepped foot in the place in the past 4 years!

Anyway, last night I went for Parent's orientation and got acquainted with the teachers and some of the other parents and this morning was Leda's turn. Brock and I took her straight to her classroom where she kinda stood back looking around for a few minutes, then started to look at the toys and other stuff in the room, then was straight on into playing with the toys. There are three boys and eight girls in her class. Oh, and just for good measure, she's the only Leda! ;-)

She played, I introduced her to her teacher (yeah, not so excited about that) and when it was time to go, we had to practically drag her kicking and screaming from the room! Hope that happens on Thursday when we drop her off and LEAVE her there for 2 and a half hours! We may get lucky, since she spent the whole day asking if she could go to school tomorrow! Unfortunately for her, she's gotta wait until Thursday!

So I took my child, my small child who was but a babe in arms not too long ago, out to KMart to purchase her first school backpack. Oh, yes, she's got three already (okay, two if you don't count the Dora backpack that is really a toy) but one's too small and the other is a little too big and heavy for her to wear on her back - since she will have to go up and down stairs to get to her classroom, it was best we got her something she could wear on her back. Thus, the reason we went out and bought her a new one.

So I am in KMart with the kid and I'm trying to point her toward the generic colored backpacks and what does she grab but a garish bright purple Tinkerbell backpack. That was a little too small. And didn't have the staying power I think would be nice to have (i.e., when she's 5, she'll probably think it's too baby to take to kindergarten, if it lasts that long). I finally got her to agree with me that the really cool black backpack with Tinkerbell on it was MUCH better. Thus, the one we came home with!

She'll most likely need to get a totally different backpack for Kindergarten. Hey, I tried!

So, Thursday is the day....Leda goes off to school. Check back for first day of school pictures!


It's official...You can expect to find me watching the Tour next year! I'm so darn excited, I did an end-zone dance on a Tuesday!


Speaking of end-zone dances...how about dem Eagles? That was one awesome game. And I'm really liking our rookie...DeSean Jackson! Dude totally ROCKED! Oh yeah, gonna be a good year!

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