Sunday, April 13, 2008

Total Geek

I went shopping yesterday, by myself, so that means, the iPod got a good workout!

I went to Target to get Leda some new socks - turns out, her feet have been growing! She no longer fits into the socks I bought her in like August or September. Go figure! I ended up getting a few things for her birthday, too. It was while looking for metal skewers in the kitchen gadget section that "The Girl is Mine" came on during a iPod shuffle. Oh, come on, you know the song, Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney? Yeah, you know it.

Anyway, it got my head a bopping and when it was over, I turned off the shuffle and went right for the whole Thriller album. Yes, I was "gonna be startin' something" right there in Target.

After Target, I was off to Acme for a little food shopping - see, I was gonna make dinner for friends and I needed supplies (thus, the reason for the skewers!). On my way, yes, I jammed to Thriller in the car. Arriving at Acme, I decided I needed to hear the album again from the start (no, it didn't take me that long to finish shopping at Target and get to Acme...I was 5 songs in, but for some reason, I needed to hear those five songs over again. It's a sickness.)

It was about half way through my shopping in Acme that I realized, I am a total geek.

It didn't stop me from listening to "Wanna be Starting Something" two more times yesterday afternoon. Told you, sickness. But hey, I had some fun shopping!

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