Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I Just Rocked it Out...

...to Def Leppard.


For some reason, that doesn't make me cringe! It probably should, but it doesn't!

Okay, so the only reason it really should make me cringe doesn't have anything to do with how much I just love Def Leppard. Or that I actually saw them in concert back in the late eighties. Nor the crush I had on Joe Eliott or Phil Collen - darn it, Joe was absolutely HOT in that Union Jack T-shirt. Oh, heck, who am I kidding, I was a sucker for just about any guy in a Union Jack T-shirt with a leather vest back in the eighties!

No, the only reason I should be cringing that I am admitting that I rocked out to Def Leppard is only because...wait for it...they were on Dancing with the Stars.

Yes, it is an addiction I can't seem to break. I must watch Dancing with the Stars. But, hey, I can admit safely that I have not voted in any other season except when Apolo Ohno danced.

Now, if anyone can explain to me what Def Leppard and Dancing with the Stars have in common, I would gladly listen. Because I can't figure it out. Not one bit!

But it Rocked!

Oh, and I promise, a birthday party update will be coming. I am currently a One Lap widow, so I only have time to admit to rockin' out to my favorite 80s bands. Posting pictures and an update on my daughter's third birthday party takes more energy!

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