Friday, April 4, 2008

Good Fortune

Leda and I are having a girls weekend since Brock is off doing One Lap stuff this weekend.

So I picked her up after work and we headed over to the local Chinese place (in the local's quite good) and we ordered ourselves a little Chinese dinner. Then off to home to eat what Leda described as "Yum, DELICIOUS!" several times during dinner. She said something about Mommy making the best dinners, too, I do believe! ;-)

After dinner she got to have some ice cream since she was so good for me at the store and she ate a really good dinner and we settled down to watch a little Emeril Live - it was an old one from a year or so ago with Jimmy Buffett. Leda and I danced to the music together and had a genuinely awesome time, just us girls.

Just before bed, I let her have her fortune cookie (yeah, yeah, sugar, smuger!) She opened her cookie and of course started shoving it in her mouth while I read her fortune - "You will be successful in everything." What more could a parent want for their child's fortune? Well, I could think of a few other things, but this one is pretty darn good!

I opened my cookie and got my fortune - "You love peace." We hit the jackpot on good fortune tonight, my girl and I!

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