Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Duff has Competition

Yesterday morning, Brock was off early to work the polls, so Leda and I were getting ready together - she was having breakfast, and I was running around getting all the things done that Brock usually does in the morning, like feed the cat, let the dog out, etc.

Duff was VERY interested in something outside - I assumed, as usual, there was a squirrel who had breached the backyard fence and Duff needed to chase it off. I let him out and watched to make sure he didn't actually catch the squirrel - with as fat as these guys are getting, sooner or later, Duff might actually win!

I noticed that Duff was looking up, so I looked up as well, into the Holly tree, and sure enough, there was a squirrel, but he wasn't alone. The squirrel, it seems, had really made the blue jays mad and they were attacking him. The poor squirrel was trying to get away, but since I had let the dog out, he couldn't run down the tree! It was quite humorous - yeah, I'm a bit sadistic when it comes to squirrels!

Anyway, Duff watched all this with great interest. The squirrel finally jumped about 5-10 feet to the roof of the house from the tree and ran off with the blue jays right on his tail! I looked at Duff who had this strange look on his face, like, wow, look at what they did to that squirrel. Then, the face changed to the realization that those birds, well, he didn't wanna mess with them anytime soon!

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