Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Birthday Party Update

Had serious Birthday Party hangover for the past couple of days - and not the alcoholic kind either! I swear, Leda was starting to think that once you turn three, you basically celebrate your birthday EVERY DAY! I mean, it started last Wednesday when Grandma visited and lasted until Saturday night when the last guest left after the party!

So, here's the recap...

Friday after we came home from the zoo, we started preparing for the party on Saturday. While Leda napped, I ran out to the store to get the last minute stuff we needed and came home and baked a cake! Oh yes, I baked a cake. Again. This time, I used a different recipe and it turned out not too bad! I also decided not to use store bought icing but make my own buttercream icing! And then flavor it with rasberries as our daughter annouced she wanted a pink cake!

Oh, the icing, turned out unbelieveablly good! Yum!

Saturday was a big big day. I had to put together the cake and add the flavoring to the icing. What we ended up with was a Hot pink classic white cake!

Birthday Cake!

There was also lots of cleaning to be done and other food prep. By the time people started showing up at 4 pm, we were ready! Well, except, I hadn't put my makeup on yet! Yep, somewhere around 2 when I was panicking that we weren't going to get everything done, I said to Brock that if it got to be 4 and I hadn't put my makeup on yet (brushed my hair, changed my clothes, etc.) the guests would be on time! If I got the chance to get ready, no one would appear until 5 PM! I was right. No makeup, all guests had arrived by 4:15! (well, not everyone, but a lot of people!)

We had LOTS of people come and we are pretty sure everyone had a great time. Leda loved having all her friends over for her party including her friends from day care and her cousins Calean and Tristan and Tommy and Michael. GrandDad and Fay also came. And, they all brought presents, which Leda thought was really awesome! Of course, Brock and I were wondering where we were going to put all the new stuff! ;-)

Dinner was great - WAY too much of it. Every single time we decide to have a party, I decide we need to have enough to feed 200 people and Brock indulges this, so we ended up with lots of left overs! Which, in the case of my Mother's macaroni salad, is not a bad thing, unless you joined Weight Watchers....oh, forget it, I'll start it next week!

After dinner, I asked Leda if she wanted to open her presents. What kind of question is that Mom, of course! I tried to impress upon her the importance of opening the card first so we knew who the present was from, and I think it worked. I would try to read the cards to her up until the second or third one when she informed me she could read the cards. I would ask her what they say and she would look at the card and say, "Happy Birthday, Leda. That's me!" Then she would discard the card and rip into the present!

She got lots of fun stuff. Lots of books, some clothes and lots of fun toys. She got a great makeup case from Paige and Aunt Jennifer and Uncle John, which really scared me, until I realized it was fake makeup - meaning pretend NOT THERE make up which was a good thing because all day Sunday (and just about every day since) Leda wanted to make ME up with her new makeup! I would have been VERY scary had the make up been real! Oh, and there was princess stuff and then the long awaited custom made (hand-knitted) Christmas Stocking from Aunt Karen. Leda could have cared less, but Mommy is very excited! ;-) Of course, will need to come up with LOTS more to stuff stocking!

We then had cake which Leda loved and apparently most everyone else did was all gone except for one piece! Saved that part of my Weight Watchers program!

Blowing out the Candles

Great Cake!

It was a great party. Leda loved having everyone over, she announced that she wanted to do it again this coming weekend! I had to let her down easy...we only have birthday parties once a year!

More pictures here!

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