Saturday, April 19, 2008

Beautiful Saturday

Is this really the middle of April?

We had a gorgeous day today. Warm and sunny. One of those days you don't want to spend anytime inside.

Leda woke me up bright and early today (another 6 am morning...third one in a row this week, but who's counting?) I spent a few minutes in her bed with her trying to get her to see the error of her ways (it's too darn early) but to no avail. This morning was also the first morning (or any time) since we made Binky Kitty that Leda asked for a binky!

Ready for this? I told her no, but she could hug Binky Kitty and I grabbed Binky Kitty from his corner of her bed only to find a big gapping hole in his back! Yes, my child, sometime in the past 12 hours or so, had opened the hole in the back of the cat where the binkys were placed with care before he was sown up. Both the binkys were still inside, but very accessible. I haven't a clue if she attempted to pull one out and suck on it, but she could have if she wanted to!

Binky Kitty is currently spending time in my bedroom (although he has mysteriously ended up back in Leda's room twice today) until I can sow him back up. PERMANENTLY!

The kid is too smart for our own good.

Anyway, after unsuccessfully trying to get the kid back to sleep, up we were. Breakfast was had and it was time to start cleaning the house. We were having the Durhams over for dinner tonight so I needed to start cleaning the house. And, I decided on Mexican for dinner...really, I just wanted an excuse to make my salsa and drink margaritas.

We moved outside to clean off the patio and bring out the patio furniture and we set up the fountain - the new fountain was set up last weekend. Oh yes, there's now two fountains! The old leaves from the fall were blown off the patio and taken down to the leaf pile and the patio furniture arranged just so. And all this was before 10:30 am. It's amazing what you can get done so early in the morning.

Leda and I headed off to shop for ingredients to make tonight's dinner. I decided to try to make my own guacamole, and if I do say so myself, I made the world's best! There was fresh salsa and fresh cut ingredients for some great tacos and Brock made black beans. The Durhams came over and so did Aunt Karen and Leda and Paige had an awesome time playing in her room and out in the back yard while we adults had some margaritas and beers and then we had an awesome dinner!

It was a beautiful Saturday in April.

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