Friday, February 1, 2008

The Weather Here Sucks!

I have been working on an 80s post to follow-up to my previous post, but I am just not inspired this week...I think it's PMS and the weather (the weather really didn't suck until today, so it's probably just PMS).

TMI, I know. I am not exactly sure I really needed to provide that much to the internets.

Anyway, the weather sucks here. If it was colder, we would probably be looking at a TON of snow, but as it is, it's just rain. Lots of rain. And wind.

I really wish we would get some snow sometime soon. Just not anytime around the 21st through the 25th of February. Because we have plane tickets for that time to go some place warm (FL, to visit the Cunninghams on the west coast of the state). Yes, I want it to be cold here, because going some place warm when it's warm here at home isn't as much fun. But I don't want it to snow. Of course, Murphy's Law will kick in because I have announced to the internets that I want snow, but not specifically on five days of the month of February - that will be when we have a blizzard and we will be snowed in for 10,000 years!

Definitely PMS.

Leda had a hard time getting to sleep last night because she was absolutely beside herself because of the "monsters in my room." Oh.Joy! The monster phase has begun. It took a few trips into her room over the course of a half hour or so to calm her down enough to fall asleep. Then, 5 am, she awakes, calls for me and when I arrive at her bedside, she announces, "it's not dark out." I assured her that indeed, it was still dark out and she should go back to sleep because that is what Mommy is going to do. Thank goodness she agreed, because I got to go back to sleep.

This is what Leda informs us of every morning when she wakes up. "It's not dark out, I wake up." It's very cute, but only after 7:30AM...6AM, not so cute. Definitely ugly at 5AM.

Oh, and yes, I got to watch LOST last night. So awesome. I am so happy it's back. For only eight weeks, darn writer's strike. But it's back. And yes, I watched Eli Stone. I missed parts of it (the monster was attacking Leda during the show) but I liked it. I thought it was kinda fun. And yes, I can not seem to get Faith OUT OF MY HEAD NOW!

It's gonna be a fun weekend. Leda and I will hang out tomorrow, Mommy and Daughter, as Daddy has to go work and then Mommy and Daddy get to have an adult night out with our next-door neighbors - we are going to go see Livingston Taylor at the local theater after a little dinner at the new Irish pub in town. So looking forward to it! And on Sunday, I will make a huge batch of chili and we will head over to our friends for the Super Bowl where I will root for the Giants for the second time this season. Possibly ever. Yeah, I don't care about records - I want to see the Patriots go down! In flames. Sorry New England readers. I can hold a grudge for YEARS! ;-)

So hopefully next week I will be more inspired to further discuss the decade of my teen years.

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