Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sick Again...

All but Leda have gotten the nasty cold that's going around. That's right, the kid probably brought it home with her from daycare, but she passes it right off to us and doesn't get sick herself. Lovely!

I've been dealing with this since last Wednesday. Getting tired of being sick. Would like the cold to go away by Thursday as that is the day we get on an airplane and head to sunny Naples, Florida for the weekend with the Cunninghams. It's gonna suck if we take this darn thing with us.

Of course, I'm going on vacation. For a few days, but nonetheless, sickness is almost a prerequisite for me going on vacation. Darn it!

Any way, haven't felt much up to posting, and at this point, probably not gonna get any more out of me until next week. I AIN'T taking the 'puter, so no posting from the road.

Hopefully lots of pictures and stories to post next week!

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