Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Oh-wee-oh-wee-oh - Grammy Recap

Man, just can't get away from the 80s!

Watched the Grammys from start to finish on Sunday night...first time I've watched the Grammy's from start to finish in, oh, ages! I tend to hate awards shows. Boring! Even the Grammy's got old for me many, many years ago. I tend to watch something else and flip in once in awhile during commercial breaks to see who is playing or who is winning.

The writer's strike worked well for the Grammy's this year...nothing else on to watch, so watched the whole darn thing (well, I did miss Cher introducing Tina Turner's set with Beyonce, if that was who she introduced - I either flipped to another channel in the hope that something else was on or I left the room. - Thank goodness I returned in time to watch all of Tina's set - wow, that woman has still got the best legs and moves in the business...this is a woman who will turn 69(!!!!) this year and she can still rock! And wear spandex! Wow!)

Talk about 80s flash backs! With the aforementioned Tina jamming out (okay, so she's not just the 80s, but that was when she had her solo comeback), Prince presenting an award (is he going by Prince these days or something else?), and then The Time!

What would the 80s have been with out Morris Day and The Time???? Dude, that set rocked (even with Rhianna, who I don't know - I could have done without her part of the set)! I had serious flashbacks to my childhood during that set. Wow!

Guess how much I am itching to download Jungle Love and The Bird? I probably will sooner or later, but I dread Brock's reaction when he has to listen to it!

I enjoyed several of the sets from Sunday night. I continue to be impressed by Carrie Underwood. I really like Before He Cheats. I also continue to be awed by Alicia Keys. I might have to partake in some of her music soon...I find I really like it when I hear it, which is usually right around Grammy time. Was a little disappointed that rock was only represented by Foo Fighters. They are alright, but I guess not my cup of tea.

I even dug watching some of the awards be given away (usually the time to channel flip for me)...Cindi Lauper! Ringo Starr! Tom Hanks coming out and telling everyone that The Band was a life time award recipient (how cool was that!) I think my favorite award moment was when Ringo Starr presented an award to Vince Gill and Vince was just amazed that A Beatle gave him an award! How nice!

I really watched the Grammys because I wanted to see this Amy Winehouse that everyone has been talking about lately. I'd heard snippets of her song Rehab and every time I had, I stopped to listen - it was an intriguing sound. I really didn't know much about her or heard any of her other music before Sunday - I guess I am a little out of touch with today's music and times - or it's that I am just so concerned about Britney Spears that I haven't been paying attention to other stars out there in peril.

Anyway, I really watched the Grammy's to see Amy Winehouse perform. And, I have to say, I was surprised - I really liked it. Not so thrilled with her look, could have done without that, but her voice is awesome and the music is pretty cool. I have added the song Rehab to my iTunes collection and I may just go ahead and get the whole album (or two).

So, there you have it, my recap of the Grammy's (sorta!) Did you catch it? What was your favorite part?

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