Sunday, February 10, 2008

My Life's Soundtrack

I saw this meme on another blog I visit regularly and I liked the idea! I always say that the music I listen to is the soundtrack of my life.

The concept is this, open your iPod, iTunes, any music library you own, put it on shuffle, press play and for each life event, record the song that is playing - at each life event, press forward and record the next song. Don't cheat!

Life Sountrack

Opening Credits: Urgent, Foreigner
Waking Up: Simple Things, Juluka
First Day At School: Galaxy, War
Falling In Love: Bullet the Blue Sky, U2
Fight Song: Light My Fire, The Doors
Breaking Up: Moon Over Bourbon Street, Sting
Grad: Listen, Collective Soul
Life: Channel Z, B-52's
Mental Breakdown: Building A Mystery, Sarah McLachlan
Driving Far Away: King For A Day, Rathkeltair
Flashback: Rock Steady, No Doubt
Wedding: You Love The Thunder, Jackson Browne
Birth of Child: Cruel, Crazy, Beautiful World, Johnny Clegg and Savuka
Final Battle: Van Lear Rose, Loretta Lynn
Death Scene: Back Into Hell, Meat Loaf
Funeral Song: Can't Stand Losing You, The Police
End Credit: Dancing Barefoot, U2

Some work, some don't, some are just a little uncanny and some are just a little weird!

I invite anyone who wants to try's fun!

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