Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I haven't had sunburn since the mid 1990s (at least that far back, maybe more!) and I have forgotten how BAD it itches! Well, either that or sunburn in your 40s really itches!

Yes, I have sunburn. How did I get it, you ask, being that I am the queen of sunscreen? Well, apparently I was so worried about my child getting sunburn that I totally remembered to put it on her before we went out on the boat ride on Saturday and even remembered to annoy my husband by nagging him to put it on (see, he has already had like a billion basal cells removed from his body - the precursors to skin cancer) but totally forgot to put it on my own body. Then, I proceeded to spend pretty much the whole afternoon in the water with my child - let's see, little or no sunscreen + February Florida sun (much stronger than February Pennsylvania sun) + water to reflect said strong Florida sun = Cyndy gets sunburn on chest and back and neck! Luckily, I did remember to put SOMETHING on my face - a got a little red on my nose and cheeks, but not as bad as elsewhere!

So, I am itchy. And red. And expect to be peeling any day now! Oh, the joy!

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