Saturday, December 8, 2007

A Serious Case of the I WANTS

If we had any doubt that this was the year Leda figured out this whole Christmas thing, last night put it to rest.

I mean, she figured out this Santa dude. Sorta. She really wanted to meet him, that was for sure. Not sure if she understands the whole "asking him for stuff" thing, but she did pretty good asking him for stuff.

And, she may not TOTALLY understand the Christmas thing - birth of Christ, one day of year that we exchange gifts with everyone we love, etc. - but she sure understands that at some point this month, she's gonna get some stuff and she's making sure that she doesn't leave anything off that list of hers!

Last night we went to Target to do a little shopping, we had to buy a birthday present for Miss Paige who turned 4 yesterday and who is having a birthday party tonight. And I had to buy the yearly supply of Christmas wrapping, bows, tags, cards, etc.! This year, I was smart, I bought a container to put all that stuff into so I can find it for next year! Yeah, I'll let you know how that goes!

So we get to the toy section of the store, and that is when the I WANTS hit. It was a bad case, really bad. There was I WANTS all over the place! "Mommy, I want that. I want that. I want that there. Mom, Look, I want that!" and so on and so forth.

I had thought that this would be the last year that I would be able to buy her Christmas gifts while she was with me, but I guess that came and went with last year! We picked out a nice gift for Paige (which we aren't going to mention here yet as her Mommy may check the blog before the party tonight and we don't want to spoil the surprise!) and Leda was all like, "I want this, Mommy" and I told her it was for Paige and she was all like, "why mommy" and I was all like, "Because it's her birthday." And that was when Leda informed me that it was her birthday, too! Well, I set her straight on that one - "No, honey, it's not your birthday. Your birthday is in April. I remember it distinctly. I was there!" And Leda was all like, "No, today is my birthday."

Well, the rest of my trip to Target was consumed by having a heated discussion with my daughter about when her birthday REALLY was and "No, you can't have the present we bought Paige, because it is for Paige", and, "If Paige wants to share her present with you, she will, if not, you will have to wait until Christmas to see if Santa brings you one." and so on and so forth. Oh, and no, I didn't buy anything for Leda during this trip, else it just caused more headaches for me! So yes, I have to go back to the big bad store to do more shopping! Yuck!

And the I WANTS continued through the store. Leda wants a game for some PlayStation or xbox machine that she is NEVER gonna get (well, not until she's a teenager at least) and I am pretty sure she wants a rap CD or it might have been Barry Manilow's Christmas CD, not exactly sure which one she was pointing at. I kinda hope it was the Barry Manilow CD because I wouldn't mind that so much but it would drive her Daddy nuts, and after my shopping trip to Target last night, I think that's just the thing to make me smile! ;-) Oh, the list went on and on. Practically the whole store. And maybe one or two of the shoppers in the store!

So, the kid, she's got the I WANTS real bad. I realize that there is no cure for this and we'll just have to wait it out for, oh, another 15 or so years. Hey, I think I could handle the I WANTS if it wasn't accompanied by the WHINING! Oh, how I hate the WHINING! But that's a post for another day!

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