Monday, December 10, 2007

Potty Update

Yes. I have become one of THOSE parents. You know the ones I speak of. You know because you have at one time or another avoided this type of parent at parties. You have, I know. Because I am pretty sure I used to avoid this type of parent before I gave birth.

I apologize to the poor woman who got stuck having a conversation with me at the party on Saturday, because she had to listen to nothing but how my daughter was doing with potty training. All the highlights, too! The poop, the pee, the messes, oh it was lovely.

I woke up Sunday morning and just cringed as I remembered this conversation and I promised myself I would apologize to poor Nancy as soon as I see her again. That is if she doesn't totally avoid eye contact with me so as to avoid any more talk of my child's bodily functions.

So, I share with the rest of you! Don't you feel special? I knew you did!

Leda has been doing wonderfully. She's really good at using the potty when she's at day care, but that's because the wonderful ladies there are right on top of her about it all day long. They really are wonderful.

This weekend, as it was the first weekend since Leda started potty training that I would be with her all weekend long, we decided to wear the big girl panties - ones without absorbency! Leda was really excited about wearing her underwear with Tinkerbell on them! She promised to only go in the potty.

I decided I would make sure to take Leda to the bathroom every 30-45 minutes to enforce the whole, gotta go in the potty theory for her. The first time on Saturday morning, I was greeted with protests as it would mean she'd miss part of Mickey Mouse! Oh the horror! So I asked her if I brought the training potty down to the living room, would she use it - because she refused to use it when we bought it almost a year ago. The only use that this potty has had is by all Leda's dolls.

She agreed, so I brought it down to the living room and she promptly used it. And christened it! Awesome! So all Saturday morning, the child would sit on the portable potty and do her business and Mommy would clean it up. It was going really well, until right before nap, when she sat on the potty, but totally didn't do anything and then, ten minutes later, she complained that the couch was wet! Yep, first accident.

So, after nap, back to the potty training. She was doing pretty well until we needed to leave for the party when she promptly, two seconds before we were out the door, peed in her pants. So, it was pull-up city for the party on Saturday night.

Sunday was another good day, she was really using the portable potty seat and no accidents at all (except one toward the end of the day).

Only problem - the bowel movements. We know she knows when she is making number two, but it is almost like she refuses to use the potty to make it. She will just mess her pants and THEN try to take her pants off - which ends up in a mess and there's hosing off involved and it's not nice dinner conversation (but I apparently didn't think of that on Saturday night! And I can't blame it on alcohol either, as I only had a beer or two the whole night!)

Anyway, we are going to keep at it. I think we may have a child who is potty trained very shortly after the new year. I'd like to have this figured out by the end of the year, but I am not going to rush it.

Now, aren't you glad you stopped by to read this? I knew you were!

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