Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Jennifer Love-Hewitt, I Applaud Thee

Not that I usually care, but seriously, I had to give a big Hell Yeah to Jennifer Love-Hewitt for fighting back against the Media Machine that calls her fat. Or any other actress fat.

And, yes, I barely know who she is, but man, is she right!

I mean, really, does it really matter that she has a little cellulite and maybe a little belly? I mean, who doesn't? Okay, okay, there are some who don't, but one day, even those might find some bulges in places there were no bulges before. We really need to stop worshipping the size 0 actresses and models of the world as the end all and be all of beauty. Time to let little girls know that it is okay to not be "perfect" but to be healthy and active.

Good for you Ms. Hewitt! (However, I will be refraining from putting this body in a bikini. The world's not ready for THAT!)

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