Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Hangover

No, I didn't drink too much, just didn't get a whole bunch of sleep!

Christmas eve consisted of shopping for Christmas dinner in the morning, straightening up in the early afternoon and delivering gift baskets to the neighbors before heading off to Aunt Rachel's for Christmas Eve dinner with her, Calean and Tristan, Uncle Wayne and Dylan and GrandDad and Fay. It was a lovely dinner and then the kids got to open their gifts.

We didn't stay too late because we had to get home to finish up some Christmas stuff and put Leda off to bed. Daddy put together the tricycle from Grandpa and Nana and then off to bed we went.

Around 6 in the morning (it was a little before) Leda woke me up with her coughing. She's got this cough that has been lingering from her cold she'd had earlier in December. I went in to give her some water and noticed she was really hot...turns out to be a 101.4 temp. Oh Joy! She didn't complain of feeling badly except that her head hurt, so a little Motrin and I tried to get her to go back to sleep, but she was having a pretty tough time of it with the coughing. Then she wanted to come in to my bed.

Sufficed to say, we were up by 7 am on Christmas morning.

Okay, yes, I like to get up early on Christmas morning, but this was a little too early for me. I was kinda looking at around 7:30 or 8. Not up at 6 and out of bed by 7. I was a little worried that Leda would just tear through the presents and everything would be over by 7:30am! Thankfully, the kid, she takes after her Mommy!

So, down to the living room to see if Santa came and boy, did he! Leda got a big stuffed penguin and the joy she expressed when she saw it was priceless (and uncaught by video camera! I suck!) Santa brought her a baby doll, some Cars cars, a doggie she can take care of (not a live one) and a Little Mermaid doll! She was so happy with all her things from Santa. She had me open each one after she unwrapped it and she played with each toy before she moved on to more presents. She really took her time - I almost had to force her to open gifts!

We made good use of the web cam that Grandma Sweat got us a few years ago by setting it up in the living room toward the end of the present unwrapping so that Grandma and Granddaddy could watch Leda unwrap the doll house that Granddaddy refurbished for her. It was my doll house that my Pop-Pop Cunningham made for me. Leda loved it! She played with it all day long yesterday! I even had some fun playing with the furniture and rearranging everything a few times! Of course, I could have thought of the web cam earlier than 9:30am, but at least I thought of it!

Two hours or so later, we had unwrapped everything and everyone was very happy with all they had been given. Brock was the recipient of a new lap top and a great GPS system. I received a beautiful diamond bracelet from my husband and lots of books and DVDs and CDs from my wonderful family. Duff even got some treats and rawhide bones. We all are very grateful for all we were given!

There was no rest for the weary in this household (except for Leda who needed to take a nap!) There was straightening up to do and there was a Christmas dinner to prepare. GrandDad and Fay came over around 3:30 and we got Leda up around 4 or so. She got to open presents with GrandDad and she got a cool Minnie Mouse clock and a game for her LeapFrog computer system!

We had an awesome dinner that Brock and I prepared (Brock did most of the work). We decided to try Beef Wellington for a Christmas dinner and let me tell you - I have decided there is no other type of beef I ever want to eat - it was so good, I just can't describe it! We did it a little different - we did it with a Duxelles mix (that was just as awesome by itself) but no liver pate. It was so good! We had garlic mashed potatoes and green beans with our meat, along with a little J Garcia Cabernet Sauvignon! Dinner was so awesome!

After dinner, we ended up on a web cam meeting to Aunt Aimee and Uncle Kurt's house, so we got to see Abby and Sami for Christmas! It was pretty cool! It is amazing what kind of technology we have out there that just transforms holidays like this!

Oh, and Leda finally gave Mommy a wonderful gift and finally smiled for a picture with me in front of the tree!

Mommy and Leda

Leda was trundled off to bed close to 9pm, but she was just so tired - at least that's what I think the problem was - that she just got hysterical when we tried to get her to go to sleep. Oh, there was screaming, let me tell you. She wanted to go to sleep in my bed for some reason, and all we could get out of her sounded like "My bed isn't cute." Not exactly sure what that is code for, but the kid, she was beside herself. She really seemed afraid of something. I had to lie down with her for a few minutes to calm her down and we finally got her calmed and asleep by a little after 9:30.

GrandDad and Fay took off around 10pm and after a little straightening up, off to bed I went to wait for the 11pm news - didn't make it. Fell asleep before that!

Christmas was wonderful. We had a pretty awesome day. It's the going-back-to-work-the-day-after that sucks! ;-) I could use a few days vacation after yesterday! At least this will be a fairly easy week - which is a good thing because I think Leda may need a visit to the Doctor tomorrow - another temp this evening of 100 degrees (Motrin brings them right down, so not too worried about it) - she must be fighting something. If the coughing persists tonight/tomorrow morning, the doc is getting a call.

We hope everyone enjoyed their holiday. So looking forward to next year! Leda can't wait until Santa returns. In fact, she has been asking if she can go to the North Pole to visit him! ;-)

Here's more pictures from this Christmas Season!

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