Monday, December 31, 2007

Bye Bye, 2007

Last post of the year - wooo hooo!

First off, Congratulations to my friend Colleen - her baby boy, Waylon, was born last Thursday. She grows them big - both her babies were over 10 lbs! God bless her!

This last weekend of the year brought the first real good fight between my stubborn daughter and her Mother (who, Leda found out, is just as stubborn, if not more!) After breakfast on Saturday morning, Leda dropped her milk (sippy cup) on the floor, on purpose and got down from the table to walk away. I told her to pick up the cup and take it to the kitchen and she flat-out refused. So, for the next half hour or so, the child and I stared each other down in a war of wills - she was sat down on the floor next to the cup and told that she couldn't move until she took the cup to the kitchen. There was much screaming. And kicking. All from the child. This time out stuff is rough! But we held firm and the child finally put the cup away.

The rest of the weekend consisted of going to a party held by the Tobin Cousins, my maternal grandmother's family. Got to see family I hadn't seen in years. We also spent the weekend cleaning and planning for our ninth annual New Year's Eve party. Tonight we will have our closest friends join us for the evening to ring in the New Year. We are quite looking forward to it!

Happy New Year to you and yours. Here's hoping 2008 is happy and healthy for everyone!

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