Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Yates Christmas List, 2007 Issue

Okay, here it is, in all it's glory. Some of this is old news to some of you (as I emailed this list to a bunch of you family members in like OCTOBER because SOME of you needed to SHOP EARLY. You know who you are! And if you got something on this list, you know who you need to let know so that there are no duplicates! If not, let me know, I'll email you the email list!)

Let's start with the easiest person in the household - Brock. Let's see, I know I must have his list somewhere around here...really, it must be here, I know I must have it, I've only asked for it a million and one times...seriously, where did I put that list?...Oh, That's Right! I HAVEN'T GOTTEN IT YET! Oh well, guess gold lamé thongs are in order this year (remind me to fill the rest of you in on that inside family secret/joke someday.)

Okay, so let's go on to someone who made their list this year. Well, with much help from her lovely and wonderful mother - Leda:

Leda has a Wish List at I will try and add to it over the next week.

We are getting Leda the LeapFrog ClickStart My First Computer along with the Finding Nemo - Sea of Keys software. Any other software for the ClickStart would be good (there are two listed on the wish list, but I think there are more out there).

Leda's starting to fit into 3T clothes. I think by her birthday/summer, she should still be fitting into 3T. Any clothes would be fine.

Leda loves Winnie the Pooh and Tigger these days and she LOVES Mickey Mouse, so anything along those lines is bound to be a winner! Oh, and don't let me forget Diego and Dora.

Oh, and she's getting a doll house (my old doll house when I was a kid) and she will need some furniture and dolls to use in it - I think there are some on her wish list - if not, I will try to remember to throw some on there!

And now, for ME!

I also have a Wish List at Amazon. Yes, there are things on this list from three years ago, and I still want them! ;-)

iTunes gift cards would also be greatly appreciated!

I'm also into kitchen gadgets - little ones, not the big expensive ones. I want a new set of nice measuring spoons, a lime/lemon juicer thingy (not a machine, just a little hand press or something along that line) and a chopped stuff scooper thingy (Mom, you know what I am talking about!)

I would still like world peace. It's been on my list like forever! I know, I am a dreamer!

Let's see, anything more for me? Well, I could use a good sweater or two - am about a 12-14 or a Large (I just admitted my size to the entire Internets - Wow!) I could probably use a nice blouse or two - nothing frilly, just something flattering for a size 12-14 or Large body. I really don't have any ideas of what, since I really haven't shopped for myself lately - not clothes wise. I like those empire waist like shirts - definitely need the right size on those though - they need to fit the chest well! ;-)

Candles and picture frames are always nice, too!

Maybe a few gift cards - Pottery Barn, Target, Barnes & Noble.

So, that's it. The Yates Christmas List, 2007 Issue. Oh, and Brock promises a list by the end of the week.

So, where are the lists from the rest of you?? Would be helpful if I got them soon, since I have to shop and mail them! ;-)

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