Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Wine, Wine, Wine

(The title was suggested by someone else in the family - definitely one of those who was actually drinking the wine.)

Today was a definite vacation day - one of those vacation days when nothing is planned and all there is to do is to sit around and do nothing at all. A really awesome day.

We sat around and did nothing - Leda played and Brock complained that he's coming down with strep and I read my book. A good day all around!

This evening, The Marson's came out of quarantine (turns out both Abby and Sami have strep throat, but they are on antibiotics now) and Brock made his famous Shrimp Soup (it's probably not what it's actually supposed to be called, but that's what we call it - it's awesome - you Kingsleys will understand!) and we had us some shrimp and bread and we had us some wine (the aforementioned wine) and we waited for Jeff to show up.

Jeff did finally show up with Bob, his trusty Jack Russell and we all had a good time hanging out. This has been the first time in YEARS that I have seen Jeff and even Aimee and Kurt hadn't seen him in some time, so we were quite excited to see him. Leda was a little weary of him, but I am sure that after a day with him tomorrow, she'll warm up to him quite nicely.

We laughed and we drank wine and we talked about school and work and all the things we do now. And we broke up fights amongst the children's and it was just a fun evening! And there was even a little swimming (Bob took a dip in the fountain, pictures to be posted at a later date!)

So, it's time to shuttle the kids off to bed and the adults to sit and relax for a little while before hitting the sheets to prepare for the tryptophan coma that will be tomorrow - Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

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