Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Tonight's post is uninspired. Yes, I have a post waiting to be finished that would be a heck of a lot more fun to read than this one, but I am just not inspired to finish it.

I'm ready for my vacation. Now. Seriously. I've been ready since the last vacation was dubbed the "week I spent at the beach but couldn't go because I HAD PNEUMONIA!" And I am three days away from that vacation. I am uninspired to do anything else but plan for my vacation.

Plans have us driving to Jacksonville, FL, starting Saturday morning. The plan is to be there Saturday night (sorry, Mom) but if it starts getting late and we aren't yet there, to stop at a hotel and drive the rest of the way Sunday morning. It will totally depend on how Leda can spend a whole day in a car! Should be interesting.

So I am charging the DVD player, stocking up on road snacks, thinking about packing and WHAT to pack - it's supposed to be in the low 70s during the day, but high 40s. And I just got used to it being cold (not that it's cold tonight - in the freakin' 60s! This weather is just looney.)


I ran out to Target tonight to get all the fun snacks we'll munch on for the next millennium (I went a little overboard - got a little more than what might sustain us if the car goes into a ditch and we aren't found for 2 weeks. I think we could probably last for at least 4 weeks on the snacks I got, so no worries there!). One of the things I really enjoy about shopping by myself these days is my iPod. It's one of the few times I get to put my iPod on and hit Shuffle and turn it up as loud as I want (okay, I'm old - I don't turn it up that high any more!)

Tonight was awesome - I think I got one of the best shuffles my iPod has shuffled for me since I bought it. Here's a snippet of my shopping shuffle (which I am still listening to, because it is so awesome!)

Great Heart ~ Johnny Clegg & Savuka
But Anyway ~ Blues Traveler (live version)
Love Her Madly ~ The Doors
If It Makes You Happy ~Sheryl Crow
Something ~ Beatles
Onda ~ Los Lonely Boys
Hannah Jane ~ Hootie & The Blowfish
A Certain Girl ~ Warren Zevon
The Reflex ~ Duran Duran
Surf Rider ~ The Lively Ones
Born In The U.S.A ~ Bruce Springsteen (Live)
She's Gone ~ Hall & Oates
All Revved Up with No Place To Go ~ Meatloaf

Dude, so awesome - you can see how I got carried away in the snack aisles (was there right around Hootie and Warren! Cool!)

I have loaded pretty much our entire CD collection into my iPod. It's got something like 2600 + songs on it. Shuffle is so cool because it allows me to hear things I haven't listened to in YEARS! Like that Blues Traveler song up there. Hadn't heard it in probably 10 years. And the mix is sometimes really strange. In a good way, for me at least. When I play shuffle in the car with Brock, I sometimes have to skip some of the show tunes that sneak their way into a shuffle! He's not too keen on Charlie Daniels followed by Hugh Jackman singing Peter Allen! (I can't IMAGINE why not - that's pretty neat!)

I have only one problem when I go iPod Shopping - I tend to bop along to the music. At least I don't sing out loud! EEEEWWWWWWW!


Tonight we had T-bone steaks for dinner. Brock likes to gnaw on the bone when he's done cutting as much meat off it as he can. I'm not much of a bone gnawler (I am going to leave that statement as is, but it doesn't sound good!) So Brock gave Leda the bone from my steak.

Claire, this is for you from your brother:

Just Like Her Father


Tomorrow I will try to be more inspired. Maybe I will start the day off with the iPod Shuffle from this evening! That might help!

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