Friday, November 16, 2007


Earlier this week, I did attempt to start a post about who I thought would (or should) win Survivor. In that post I mentioned I thought Frosti should and might possibly pull off a win. After last night, I have scrapped that post. So, here's the replacement.

Who do I think should win Survivor? Erik. Who will probably win (but SO doesn't deserve it)? That little weasel Todd. What a wanker. I really thought Frosti deserved to win it (was a little disappointed he tried to throw his former tribe mate Erik under the bus). I also think it would be nice if Denise the lunch lady won, but I don't think that is going to happen unless she starts thinking for herself. In all honesty, I'm starting to get a bit tired of Survivor. There are no surprises anymore - you pretty much can figure out who is going to be voted off about half way through because the way it is edited together, it pretty much telegraphs the one who is gonna get voted off.

I'm stuck on CSI - I love that show. Not the other ones, the spin offs, but the original. I liked the paring of Grissom and Sara and actually got teary at the end of last night's episode when Sara left. That sucks! What else sucks? What the ER writers are doing to Abby. So unfair, having her start drinking again while Luka is away and messing up by sleeping with that Moriarty guy - Hello? You are married to Luka! The hottest man alive! (well, except my husband!) What are you nuts??? Seriously, I am just so disappointed in the direction they took the character - I really don't think she was that weak to start drinking again. I think the writers screwed up.

I'm looking forward to the Men in Trees episode tonight - there was kind of a cliff hanger last week with Marin surrounded by wolves. Hopefully she makes it through okay and Jack decides to stay in Elmo.

That's pretty much it when it comes to TV for me these days. Only shows I really watch anymore. Oh, and Desperate Housewives, but I don't really don't have much to say about that right now. I think that one is just a guilty pleasure - don't think I have really started to be interested in any of the characters to any point to care what happens to them or not.

That's a big change for me. I used to have shows on every night of the week. Now I have a few shows (most of which appear on the same night) I feel the need to catch week to week. I do look forward to LOST starting at some point in the future (which at this point could be WAY in the future due to the writers strike). And I liked Medium, so I guess we'll see if that one comes back, too. Could be a really cold and lonely winter without my shows!

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