Monday, November 5, 2007

Time Change sucks...

Maybe I didn't notice it last year or the year before (I guess I should look back a year ago and in 2005 and see if I posted anything) but this year the time change really seems to be wreaking havoc with Leda.

Last night we went out to the Tournament of Bands at West Chester University to see John and Jennifer's nephew's band play in their division. What a flash back this was for me. Well, and I think John, Jennifer and John's brother Chris, as we all had been in marching band in high school. I think I almost got a little teary there on the first band performance!

Leda seemed to like it. I think that she's still a year or so away from wanting to sit still for more than a few minutes at a time. She almost immediately asked for her binky which usually means she's tired. We headed out for a quick bite before coming home and putting her to bed by 8pm. She went right to sleep.

This morning, she was up before 7am. This child doesn't usually start making noise until at least 7:30. Oh, and Sunday morning, she was up at 6:30. So I am pretty darn sure she hasn't gotten used to the time change yet! (Neither have I, so I don't blame her) Tonight Brock had to go prepare for tomorrow's election after dinner so Leda and I headed out to the craft store (a word about that shortly). She got weepy as Brock was leaving and then started asking for her binky. It was 6:30pm! She was pretty good at the store, but probably because I had given her the binky when we got in the car to leave the house for the store!

We did okay at the store (sorta) and we headed home, but about half way home, the kid, she got whiney and moany and all out of sorts. She complained about something hurting but couldn't (or wouldn't) tell me what. We got home, Brock was here, we started to change her for bed and she just started crying and wouldn't calm down with out some serious cuddling.

We weren't sure what was wrong with her. She went from full out crying to laughing within seconds. We put in her drops (for the pink eye that we don't think was really pink eye) and gave her a little motrin (in case she really was coming down with soemthing) and read her books and put her to bed. I guess we'll see what tomorrow brings!

Okay, as for the craft store - I decided I would make a hanging planter holder using macrame. I used to do a lot of macrame when I was younger, late 70s - early 80s. Since we needed to bring some of our plants in from outside and my ivy plant is growing quite long, we decided it would do best hanging. I figured, what the heck, it would be fun.

Apparently, macrame is so 70s. It basically doesn't exist in the craft store I went to. No books on it, no materials. I went to the book store to see if I could find anything there and only ONE book could be found and it wasn't an instructional book, it was a pictorial.

I am bummed out. I guess I will have to try a different craft store and see if it has anything on macrame.

Anyway, I chalk it up to the time change. It sucks! One thing I can't blame the time change for is the dismal performance of the Birds last night. Talk about sucking! I am usually not a 'guess there's always next year' kinda fan, but this year is pretty much done for. Oh well. guess there's always next year!

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