Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sunshine State

The weather is beautiful here! Today the sun shone brightly and the air was early fall or late spring like (well, early fall or late spring in the Northeast - they are used to this down here!)

We left home around 8AM yesterday for Florida. We drove straight down I95, which is a surprise, because Brock hates the stretch between Philly and Richmond - too much traffic. But he figured it was the faster way to go, rather than drive 100 miles out of our way just to avoid the traffic.

Leda was a trooper. Never complained once! Unbelievable. And we didn't give her the DVD to watch until 3pm in the afternoon! Due to the uncomplaining child, we had short stops and made it to Jacksonville by 8:30PM!

There was lots of playing around with all the fun stuff Grandma has at her house, a little eating of something that wasn't road food and then we got into bed around 10pm. Leda was going to sleep in the guest bedroom just down the hall from Brock and I. She seemed to fall asleep pretty quickly. I headed off to bed, read my book for a few minutes and fell off to sleep. Next thing I know, I hear Leda calling for me out of my sleep.

I go into her room and she is not liking the unfamiliar bedroom. She wants to come sleep with me and she's not taking no for an answer. So Brock and I make the decision to let her come sleep in bed with us for the first night, we'd work it out later.

Now, I've been fighting a mouth ulcer for the past couple of days and haven't been sleeping all that well. It is in the back of my mouth where my jaws meet and it is being irritated by just about anything I do, specifically because of a wisdom tooth that is rubbing the darn thing raw. So, put that on top of having a hot little girl sleep in the bed next to me who also decides she must sleep with her head on Daddy and her feet kicking Mommy in the back or side or stomach (depending on the direction I decide to turn) all night long! I didn't get much sleep!

7am comes rolling around and Leda wakes up crying - her lip hurts (she's got a little sore on it where she busted it open the other night). I try to get her to lie back down and go to sleep for a little while, but she's too smart for me - "but, Mommy, it's light out now," meaning, I don't have to go to sleep now, I wake up!

So, up and out of bed we are, to greet the day and see what it has in store. Leda played outside this morning and we did a little shopping for the makings for salsa and baked beans for Sami's birthday party. We then headed on over to the Marson's for a little birthday party. We had a great time, watching football, hanging out, drinking beer. Leda and Sami wore Grandma out by making her push them both on the swings. Leda loved paying in the "Toy Bedroom" - Abby and Sami's play room.

GrandDad and Fay were here too, they were down here for two weeks and head home tomorrow. So Leda had two sets of grandparents in the same place for the first time in a while! We had a great dinner and awesome cake and ice cream, and then headed home.

Leda is currently in the bed she wouldn't sleep in last night. She's already attempted to get me to let her come sleep in our room, but I am going to attempt to hold fast and not let her get her way. This morning she said she was scared last night and that's why she had to come sleep with us, but I think it's more a novelty than she's scared - she's barely putting up a fight, so I am doubtful it's fear of sleeping in a strange bedroom. More, she just wants her way!

We going to spend the day with the Marsons tomorrow and see what stuff we can get into around here. So off to bed to get some shut eye! Hopefully!

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