Monday, November 19, 2007

St. Augustine


We spent lunchtime and then some in St. Augustine with the Marsons today. Had a little lunch (and not enough sangria) at The Columbia and headed down to the old fort to walk off some of that good food!

We didn't go into the Castillo de San Marcos but walked around the outside and the girls had a good time climbing on the old canons and the sea wall and watching some dolphins play off in the distance.

Girls being serious

St. Augustine is a beautiful place (at least old city is). I wish I had thought about going to college at Flagler. It would have been an awesome place to go to college. The old buildings and the old market area are just beautiful. Yes, it's a but touristy, but bearable. Especially on a Monday! Except when trying to find a parking place!

Girls being silly

The kids had fun together today. So much so they didn't want to be separated at the end of the day. But off to separate houses they went - Leda slept the whole way back to Grandma's and then went up to bed for another hour (or so, she's been up there for about an hour now!)

All in all, an awesome day. Tomorrow, Jacksonville Zoo with the Grandparents!

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