Friday, November 30, 2007

Small Town Friday Night

It's the holidays so Friday night in a small town means a holiday parade!

First we had a little dinner. And Leda played with her new toy from Aunt Claire (which is SO cute - I really was going to be going out to get this myself - I am so happy I don't have to now! Thanks Claire!) Leda played this thing over and over and over again (Yeah, Thanks, Claire!) and danced and hugged it! It was so cute, I dug out the video camera (now, if we can figure out how to get the DVD play to record the VCR, I'll post it! ;-)

Snow What Fun!

We headed downtown to watch the "holiday" parade. We got the scoop from our neighbor, who is a Kiwanis member (Kiwanis sponsored the parade) and member of the church within Brock and I got married (not IN the church, the pastor came to our house and married us in the back yard), that the church was "sneaking in" a manger scene, complete with a pregnant Mary, her husband Joseph and the three wise men. So we were prepared. What we weren't so prepared for was the SECOND manger scene! Yes, that's right, our little small town HOLIDAY parade had TWO manger scenes! So much for politically correct! ;-)

Leda at the Holiday Parade

Anyway, Leda was having fun. We saw the Philly Phanatic (he must have been the Grand Marshal) and lots of fire trucks all decked out in lights and Christmas decorations. We saw Cinderella and Shrek (our neighbor dressed as Shrek) and Elmo and lots of other characters that Leda has no interest in because she hasn't a clue who they are (yet!)

Philly Phanatic

And then there was the most exciting of all, Santa Claus! Leda waved and yelled to Santa Claus, and he waved in our direction, but as he passed us, Leda looked down at me from her perch on her Daddy's shoulders and said, "He didn't hear us," and proceeded to yell louder at Santa. I told her he did hear her and he waved and that we will go see him this week to make sure he knows what she wants for Christmas. She really is excited about Santa - so we'll see if she actually will sit on his lap or if she will have nothing to do with him!


It was chilly tonight, so luckily, it was a short parade (although they never seem to get the spacing right! - we are always waiting a long time in between acts!) So we headed back home for a bath and bed.

Seeing as it is the LAST DAY OF NaBloPoMo (AND I MADE IT!! WHOOO HOOO!), there will be no posting tomorrow (WHOOO HOOO!) Well, that and Brock and I head off to the Big Apple for my company's Holiday party. I get to see the Rockefeller Christmas tree live and in color tomorrow night! I am so looking forward to it! Leda is going to spend the day and night with our neighbors and we'll be home on Sunday early afternoon (hopefully - if the weather holds out!)

Posting every day for a month was hard, but kinda fun. Looking forward to not doing it again until next year! Back to our regularly scheduled here and there posts! Thanks for reading! ;-)

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