Monday, November 12, 2007


One of the things I dreaded the most when we moved Leda into a big girl bed, was her being able to wander the house at will. It terrified me that she might get up in the middle of the night and wander out into the rest of the house and possibly hurt herself in the dark.

In the past few months of the big girl bed, I've gotten over this fear. Leda tends not to get out of bed, but rather will yell for one of us (or both) or make sure we can overhear her when she's ready to get up. It's like she needs our permission to get out of bed. Which is completely fine with me.

It had occurred to me that the child may end up with one of her father's weird behaviors of sleepwalking, but didn't think too much about it. She definitely talks in her sleep, that's pretty much a given with two parents who are known to have had full conversations with one another in their sleep. Last night, I got to thinking a whole heck of a lot about it!

Some time around 3am, I heard someone walking by our door (to get to the rest of the house, Leda would have to go by our room, one saving grace - and thank goodness I am a light sleeper) and I got up and found Leda heading off into the dining room. I asked her what was wrong and she asked where daddy was and I told her in bed. She almost immediately turned around toward her room and asked me where her binky was (she didn't have it) and I walked her back into her room, she climbed into bed, I found her binky and she was a sleep before I could pull the blankets up on her.

I went back to bed thinking she must have been looking for her binky when it occurred to me that she didn't quite seem fully awake, and she did fall back to sleep very quickly. It occurred to me that I had just found my child sleepwalking. It took me a good half hour to fall back to sleep, I was so afraid the kid might sleepwalk again and fall down the stairs into the living room.

So, I wonder, how many sleepless nights I will endure until I get over the fear of the child sleepwalking throughout the house while her father and I blissfully sleep away?

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