Saturday, November 3, 2007

Reason 258 the kid is definitely mine....

She remembers the placement of everything!

Two examples:

1. She has a wooden table and two chairs that she got for her birthday that have been sitting in the living room since her birthday. They sit right in front of the bay window, next to the TV. The Friday before the living room was emptied, Brock put the table and chairs away in Leda's bedroom closet until the living room is done. The kid came home from daycare, walked into the living room and the first thing she says is, "hey, where's my table." She had been in the house for approximately 30 seconds.

2. Tonight we went out to dinner (yeah, yeah, so much for my cooking - I did make the salsa though!) We went to the Fountain Inn, a very old restaurant in these parts (George Washington slept there - this is most likely true, seriously) It has a dive bar and restaurant in it that is to die for - nothing fancy, just really good food for fairly cheap. Brock and I used to eat there once a week for like a whole year or so!

Anyway, first time we'd been there since before Leda was born. We ordered Leda the popcorn shrimp with french fries and it came with TWO little cups of cocktail sauce. As we were settling down to eat our dinner, Brock stole one of the containers of cocktail sauce off of Leda's plate. Two seconds later, Leda's all like, "hey, where's my ketchup?" We are all pointing to the actual ketchup I had just poured onto the plate and she's all like, "no, not that, my ketchup," pointing at the other container of cocktail sauce. Then she sees that Daddy's got some and realizes it was hers and she's all like, "Give me back my ketchup. Now, Daddy!" with finger pointing and everything. It was quite humorous! And even though Daddy asked time and time again (after he had stole it without asking), Leda wouldn't let him have it! I had to give him mine!

Yep, definitely my kid!

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