Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Potty Time

I figured this might happen...Leda is thinking more about using the potty since our trip to Florida.

I figured that if she saw Sami using the potty, she'd start to realize that she's big enough/old enough to use the potty, too.

However, I am not sure if it is a novelty for her or if she really needs to go when she asks to go. Sometimes, she does, sometimes she doesn't.

We probably need to stay on top of her - taking her to the potty every half hour or so, regardless, so she gets the idea. I've tried to talk to her about when she feels like she needs to go she needs to tell me or Daddy, but not sure yet if that is why she asks or not - because most of the time, she's got a wet pullup on!

That's another thing - she really wants to wear pull-ups - I tried underwear on Sunday and she went the whole into early afternoon before she wet herself ("I leak, Mommy") She didn't seem to upset by wetting herself either, except that she wanted out of the wet clothes.

Since my work holiday party is this weekend, I am setting next weekend as the weekend I am going to be on top of her all weekend long to see if I can get this kid potty-trained. I know she's ready - if she's not 100 percent ready, she's 99.9 - I thin that's pretty darn close!

We are still off to Costco tonight for diapers - and pullups - who knows, maybe we will get lucky and this will be the last diaper purchase - ever! (except for over night pullups!)

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