Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Oh, Yes I Did!

I just put Best of War and More on my Wish List.


On my way out tonight to hang with the girls and drink some wine and eat some good food, I heard "Spill the Wine" - everytime I hear that song (and mind you, it's an oldie, I know, so it doesn't get played often), I think, I gotta get that album.

Well, I figured maybe I could download the song - but NO, I have to buy an album to get the song (and it's not even the right album) so I found the album on Amazon and I put it on my wish list. When I get it, I can play "Spill the Wine" anytime I want. And "Why can't we be friends" and "Low Rider".

Awesome! Brock's gonna hate it - I'll put it on a playlist with "You're so Vain!" Cool!

Seriously, someone get it for me!

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