Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Lions and Jaguars and Gorillas, Oh My!

Today, we went to the Zoo!

The plan originally was to take all the kids to the Zoo for the day with Grandma, but Abby wasn't feeling so well and needed to go see the Doctor, so just Grandma, Sami, Leda and Mommy and Daddy headed off for the Jacksonville Zoo.

What a beautiful day we had. The sun was shining bright and it was warm! A bit over dressed I was for the weather (wearing jeans and socks! Would have LOVED to have my flip flops!) We saw the lions and we saw some snakes and some turtles and some carybaras (big rodents, yuck!) and anteaters and monkeys and gorillas. We even saw some bears and jaguars, but they were sleeping!

Leda and Sami had lots of fun running around and seeing who could get Grandma to carry them the most! ;-) We got close up and personal with Gorillas, which was awesome. The Jacksonville Zoo is really nice - it's like walking in the jungle. And going on a Tuesday was a bonus - hardly any crowds (in fact, no crowds at all!)

We rode the train to get some lunch and then we had to head home - we had two tired little toddlers! Grandma had to take Sami home directly, for as it turns out, Abby had strep, so Sami needed to be checked also. Hopefully Leda will be unscathed (as well as the rest of us!) So we will probably not see the girls again until Thanksgiving. Boo!

It was a nice outing. We are looking forward to just hanging out at Grandma's house tomorrow, relaxing and preparing for the Turkey Day Feast! Oh, and Uncle Jeff is coming tomorrow, too! Awesome!

Click on the picture for more Zoo pics!

Jacksonville Zoo, 11/20/2007

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