Saturday, November 24, 2007

Home At Last

We are home! Duff is very happy to have us home - I think the entire first layer of the skin on my face is completely saturated with Duff kisses!

We made it as far as Fredricksburg, VA, last night before Brock decided he didn't want to drive any more. The drive from Jacksonville wasn't bad - we stuck to I-95 and really, the traffic wasn't bad. We found a hotel (I use that term lightly) with a king size bed for the three of us and we crashed out! It is amazing how even in a King size bed with the kid sleeping between us, I still only end up with about one foot of sleeping area - the kid, she likes to sleep right on top of me!

We didn't sleep all that well - the bed sucked, the room wasn't all that much better and Leda spent part of the night coughing. We awoke around 7, Brock took a shower and I decided not to (apparently, not a bad decision on my part) and we headed off to Denny's for what had to have been the fastest served breakfast I think I have ever had at a Denny's and we were on the road by 8:30AM! Leda slept pretty much the entire way home, waking up about a half hour before we reached our destination. No nap for anyone today! ;-)

The house looks good, the leaves on the trees are pretty much gone (looks a lot different from a week ago!) and Duff, as previously mentioned, is VERY happy to have us home, however, try as she might, Leda STILL can't get him to come play in her room with her!

More later after we have a chance to sit still and not feel like we are moving at the speed of light. I have some pictures from Thanksgiving day I want to post as well.

Wow, it is really good to be home!

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