Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Five Things about Me

Colleen tagged me with this meme last week. Being that I probably am going to need some ideas to finish out the NaBloPoMo month, I figured, what the heck.

Then I realized, I was going to have to come up five interesting things about me! Well, I don't know if these are interesting, and I didn't apply a theme to them (I'm just not that creative!), but here they are:

1. In my life, I've played five instruments. In order that I learned them, I've played violin, piano, flute, piccolo and I recently was learning to play guitar. Well, recently - I was learning when I was pregnant. I planned on picking it back up, but, well, I had the baby! I've been a bit busy. I guess I could say I know how to play six instruments - if the recorder counts. Anyway, I can read music and play some instruments (although when I picked up the guitar, it had been probably about 20 years since I had last read music - it took me a few minutes to figure it out again!)

2. If you want to know who performed a particular song, I may be able to tell you! I used to be really good at knowing the title and/or the artist of most any song I heard. It was sorta my thing. You know, like Ross's thing was getting divorced* - my thing was being that annoying person who knew the song and artist before everyone else. (okay, was this five ANNOYING things about me, or interesting things? I forget!)

3. I am a British citizen, as well as a United States citizen. I have dual citizenship. I was born in Great Britain when my father was stationed there in the Air Force. Because I was born to United States citizens, I was born a United States citizen and because I was born on Britain soil, I am automatically a Brit. It doesn't buy the groceries, but it's fun to throw out there once in awhile! Nope, I don't have a British passport - although I have thought of getting it.

4. I can not roll my Rs. No matter how hard I have tried, no matter how many times someone has attempted to teach me to roll my Rs, I have NEVER once been able to roll my Rs. I am just incapable of accomplishing that task. It is something that keeps me awake at night.

5. I can remember the name of every pet I have had:

My first pet was Sam. He was a black cat with a little white patch on his chest. He was an awesome cat. He was an outdoor cat we had when I was in kindergarten/grade school. He disappeared one day and we never saw him again (at least, that was the story I heard - if that isn't true, don't tell me - I like to think he hopped a plane to the Caribbean and he's soaking up the sun.)

At the same time we had Sam, we had two other cats, Spooky and Samantha. Samantha was Spooky and Sam's daughter (I think - that's why we named her Samantha). We had a beagle named Ralph, but most everyone who drove by our house called him Snoopy because he used to sit at the top of the sliding board on the swing set out back and watch all the traffic go by.

We had a poodle named Toby who gave me a scar on my upper lip to remember him by. At the same time, we had the BEST dog in the whole world (well, before Duff), a collie named Ace. Ace was the nicest dog, but very protective of my Mom, Aimee and I. We always said, he'd show any robbers that broke into the house all the silver and jewelry, but there was no way they would be leaving!

We then had a cat named Kitty. The cat's name was Kitty because no one could come up with a name for it for the longest time and we just got used to calling it Kitty. The cat was actually my sister's cat. I hated that cat as much as that cat hated everyone else except my sister. It was an evil animal. Seriously evil.

After that, I was out on my own. The next animal I had was my own cat, Dela, who is still alive and kicking (and is probably the second most evilest cat after Kitty) at 15. And then Brock moved in with his two dogs, Eliott and Spike. Then we got Duff, our Westie. Whhhewwww!

I think I was reaching on that fifth thing, but what the heck!

*A Friends reference - The One After Vegas where everyone agrees that Ross's thing is he likes to get divorced.

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